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Mama  Projects..

Aim is protecting our Natural resources, by Training and raising awareness about reduction of deforestation and other causes like Human-Elephants Conflicts (HEC). In the communities surrounding these natural resources we plan to increase community resilience through engaging them with environmental friendly activities like tree planting, Recycling of charcoal to make charcoal, Building of Beehives and Rocket stoves activates etc.

Awareness Raising

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Volunteers will work to increase the communities’ awareness of environmental sustainability, and increase their engagement in the project, by showing awareness videos/documentaries about the effects of environmental/climate change and potential solutions for these issues.

Resource development

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Volunteers will produce resource packs, lesson plans and murals. They will also build rocket stoves using local resources available. All of these resources will then be available to other volunteers and community members..

Tree nursery project: 

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We aim to train at least 30 youth and 30 women in each community tree nursery, producing and planting at least 9000 trees in Rau forest and surrounding communities within 12 months of the project. This will aim to restore the natural area and mitigate deforestation in Rau forest and reduce climate change. .

Peer education

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Informing new community environmental groups or identifying existing groups and strengthening them through provision of education

Understanding the Nature 

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Volunteers will trek in the natural groundwater forest to understand more about the nature, learning about native trees and how local people interact with their environment especially the uses of native trees


By Mama Project

There are going to be two categories of volunteer opportunities : Administration and Field work volunteers.
Administration volunteers who are; project officers, logistics, photographers, medics, communication officers and room be open for new position/ideas for those who want to practice their experience and strengthen our administration operations .We believe in a every person is talented and experience in is on way. Field Volunteers will be involved in establishing tree nurseries,action research and raise awareness about the importance of natural resources and training to community members.The project will focus on environmental issues but we will have cross cutting issues like providing basic education like English,Mathematics etc to schools, orphanages and other centers surrounding/near project areas. We will host the volunteers who wish to implement their own projects and connect them to the right organizations.


This project is a join project of diverse organizations that aim to protect Tanzania Natural resources which are :
Tengeneza Generation(TEG),Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism,Masengota Safaris Company Limited (RTM)


To protect Tanzania natural resources by engaging diverse group of people.


To have sustainable communities which safeguarding and nature the natural resources.