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About Us.

  • RTM
    This is a joint organizations project between Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism, Tengeneza Generation (TEG) and Masengota Safaris Company Limited (RTM). This project has been designed and developed from Rau Eco-Tourism’s project called Giving back to the Nature through tree nurseries and vulnerable children empowering.

    The aim is to protect our natural resources in Tanzania by providing volunteer opportunities. The project will provide training and experiential learning opportunities based on natural resource management (effects of deforestation, climate change and protecting of Wildlife etc) and businesses which are environmentally friendly which are establishment of tree nurseries ,reuse of charcoal, biogas, build beehives and other green entrepreneurship business in communities surrounding/near our natural resources. Present we will begin in Rau forest, Moshi district, Kilimanjaro region, as well as to enable young Tanzanians women and men to address social and environmental issues at grass roots level. The project aims to collaborate with other organizations and individuals in addressing cross cutting issues which are poaching of wildlife, Human-wildlife Conflict and other to environment and wildlife solutions can be implemented target is to continue with the project at Rau Forest and expand to other natural resources. Volunteers will camp in village surrounding Rau forest: Mandako Mnono, Msaranga, njoro, Majengo and Mabogini.

    Who are we 
    Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism.
    Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism is a community based and sustainable tourism organization which established in 2013 following the guidelines for cultural tourism of Tanzania which is under Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism supervised by Tanzania Tourist Board section of Cultural Tourism Program and officialy registered with registration No.CTP/REG.014.  The enterprise established by three youth founders who are the residence of Moshi and university graduates who coordinates responsible Eco and Cultural Tourism activities in Moshi town, Rau forest reserve, Mandaka Mnono and Mabogini villages. The Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism organize Eco-friendly tourism activities through involving the local people who are the residence of Moshi so as to create their awareness on environmental conservation, Eco-tourism and cultural tourism also some percentage of tourism revenue support community projects.
    Also as a community and sustainable tourism enterprise our pillar is to ensure maximum visitors satisfaction, Community benefit from cultural tourism and sustainable utilization of the heritage resources with high consideration of present and future generations.
    Area of operation Rau Eco and Cultural tourism operate its activities in Moshi town, Rau Forest Reserve, Mandaka Mnono and Mabogini villages and as well as organizing extended biking tour in Chemka Hot spring and Lake Challa. 
    Where to stay Visitors can stay in home stay in the village and camping, also In Moshi we have varieties of accommodation facilities; we can organize accommodation for you

    Tengeneza Generation (TEG)

    TEG was founded in 2011 by a group of young people passionate about local sustainable development.In 2014 it was registered as an Non Governmental Organization (NGO). We believe in youth being a key catalyst and leaders in delivering the change that we pursue. 
     TEG is managed by independent,non-partisan, local professionals, experienced in international development and community development projects and capacity building, through participation in a broad range of human rights, water and sanitation, poverty reduction, environmental protection, disabled rights protection and HIV awareness raising programs.
    Reg No 00NGO/00007540

    Our work

    Our activities

    are delivered by young people, willing to become agents of change. We also get support and work alongside different organizations and Individuals, both local and international, including NGOs, government institutions, private sector, community groups and individuals, passionate about delivering sustainable development in the communities.
    TEG feels duty-bound to play a leading role in assisting Tanzanian rural communities to develop economically and socially. We engage with young people in the development sector to show a positive impact they can play, especially in eradicating poverty. 

    Our focus

    so far has been on raising awareness on human rights, especially for people with albinism, and climate change. Recently we have also been working on the research and design of our new program ACT (Active Citizen Tanzania), aiming to build resilient communities in Tanzania whilst protecting environment and people with disabilities.

     Masengota Safaris Company Limited.

    Masengota Safari Ltd is a tour operator based in Tanzania. Founded in 2014, we are committed to making your African holiday dreams come true. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and can truly provide you with an unforgettable experience. We can tailor make your perfect package and offer a range of services from budget day trips with other travellers to private luxury balloon safaris.

     What we do?
     Here at Masengota we pride ourselves on our range of services: - Wildlife drives - Walking safaris - Hot air balloon safaris - Honeymoon packages - Beach trips(to Zanzibar,mafia,Unguja,Pemba,Dar es salaam ,and many more) - Mountain climbs - Photographic safari - Cultural tourism (trips to Maasai camp etc) - Visits to historical sites - Day trips,
    Why choose 
    MASENGOTA? If you want an exciting yet relaxing trip to Tanzania then we are the people for you! We take care of every aspect of your trip from start to finish and the following are included with every booking made with us: - Airport meet and greet - Visa application help - Transfer from airport to your hotel - All accommodation during your trip - Park entrance fees - Camping ground/ lodge fees - All food and drink (not including alcohol) - Professional safari guide (our guides speak 5 languages) - 4x4 open roof vehicle for safari - Fuel and driver fees - Government taxes - Return to airport
     visit for information and booking.